As with any type of therapy the best outcomes are achieved through effective communication between the therapist and client. The same is true of hypnotherapy and a good hypnotherapist can work with you to resolve any specific issues. When rapport is established the client can open up and be honest about their feelings. The therapist can then be more adaptive and offer a personal approach to help the client achieve their goals.

This does not mean I’m against the use of recordings. Visiting a professional hypnotherapist can be expensive. It can also be inaccessible for some people. Which is why pre-recorded self-hypnosis CDs and mp3 downloads can be a viable option. In fact a combination of live therapy and recorded sessions can also work well. Unless the recording is custom made it has to be rather generic in nature. Even so, high quality audio sessions can be very effective.

There are a huge number of self-hypnosis products to be found on the internet and I’m disappointed to say that the vast majority of them are lacking in quality. Not just in terms of audio fidelity but the actual therapeutic content. I fear that some can actually do more harm than good. There are also many individuals and companies that trade online who seem to have no regard for professional ethics. For this reason I’ve decided to write some impartial reviews to help you discover the best ones. I’m going to start with a review of

My Review

I first became aware of (previously known as a few years ago before my retirement when a client of mine told me that they had used several of their self-hypnosis CDs and enjoyed listening to them. I am not easily pleased but I was surprisingly impressed with the overall quality of their recordings and the therapeutic content. I decided to take a closer look at to find out more. has a good selection of products which are all listed on the front page of their website. Each of their self-hypnosis recordings is available in either CD format or as an immediate download via mp3. They are also very reasonably priced. have two main authors; Barrie St John and Donna Lee. The bulk of the recordings are authored by Barrie St John, a successful British hypnotherapist. He has a slight accent, but I enjoy his warm, natural vocal. Barrie delivers his vocal with a sense of presence and authority, but in a friendly manner. Donna Lee is from New York and delivers a soft, natural vocal that is also relaxing and easy on the ear. provides samples of both hypnotherapists on their website so you can listen and gauge for yourself what works best for you.

An important aspect of self-hypnosis is the relaxation element. The self-hypnosis sessions by employ a simple progressive relaxation induction that gently guides the listener into a deep trance state. The induction technique used on their recordings is well scripted, professionally delivered and highly effective at stilling the mind. This is imperative for the therapy that follows.

The therapeutic portion of the recordings is equally impressive. For the purposes of this review I listened to several of’s products and they use many differing and varying strategies, which includes suggestion, ambiguity, metaphor and future pacing to name but a few. The post-hypnotic suggestions are well devised and delivered at appropriate intervals during the recordings for maximum benefit. It is clear to me that much effort has gone into scripting their sessions.

The recordings all seem to be around 20-25 minutes in length, which is perfect. I have listened to self-hypnosis sessions that can last anywhere up to an hour in length, which is far too long and it is also counterproductive because it is not supported by the bodies’ natural ultradian rhythm. If you spend an hour visiting a hypnotherapist then you’ll find that the actual experience of hypnosis will last for no more than about 30 minutes. A timeframe of 20-30 minutes is best for a recording and this is another reason why I recommend

The only negative thing I can say about is that I find some of their product descriptions a bit “salesy”. I would rather the descriptions be more focus on the content of each recording, although I’m aware that they are aimed at the general public rather than professional hypnotherapists. Even so, more details within the descriptions would be useful. has been online for many years and they are a trusted website. I have placed several orders without any issues. I can honestly say that their self-hypnosis products are the best I have experienced to date. If you can’t visit a hypnotherapist in person, which should be your first priority, then the next best option would be to visit

This completes my review. I am currently working on more reviews of other self-hypnosis audio programs, publishers and websites. These reviews will be added in the near future.

Stephen Walkin, PhD